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Frontal vs Closure

If you’re new to perucas (WIGS), you might be wondering, what’s the difference between a frontal vs closure. And which is the best option for me. This article is here to answer your questions.
Both closures and frontals are designed to achieve a natural look. Whether you’re wearing a weave or wig, the ultimate goal is for it to look as natural as possible.


There are three types of frontals to choose from. Standard for all frontals though, is the length and width. All frontals, regardless of which one you choose is 13” long from ear to ear, and 4” to 6” from front to back.

The all lace frontal is as the name states, all lace. Of the three types, this look is the most natural. Sewing, is the best way to secure this option.

The other frontal options are all lace with a 4 x 4 strip of silk in the middle, and all silk. The all lace with silk is great for middle parting. While the all silk frontal provides a nice look for parting and some of the most popular styles. The most popular  frontal is the all lace because it is the most natural because it lays super flat. It is also the most delicate.


There are two types of closures to choose from. The all silk 4 x 4 closure is the most realistic look. When parting, it looks like a nice natural scalp.

The other, all lace closure is ideal for messy parts, or for styles that look best when flat. With all lace you can do a sleek bob or voluminous mane. Another plus is all lace closures are less expensive than frontals.
If you want just a middle part or a side part I would suggest the closure but if you want a more versatile install that allows you to do side parts, middle parts, ninja buns and so much more then go for the frontal. I also want you to know that the frontals are more maintenance.


You are now armed with the knowledge of the best front piece option. Whether it’s the volume you seek, or something sleek, you know which option is best. 

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Are your hands insured??

I am a stylist, should I get insurance for my hands? 

Celebrities insure their legs, faces and other body parts for millions of dollars. Why? Because it’s how they put bread, money as they call it, on the table.

I was thinking just the other day, as a wig maker and hairstylist, I need to insure my money makers too. As should you if you work with your hands styling hair or making wigs.

Depending upon how long you’ve been in the hair industry, your hands could be worth hundreds of thousands, millions even. Think about wages lost if you suffered a broken hand or severe laceration and had to stop using your hands and heal. That could mean the difference between keeping your business or losing it.

This discussion isn’t designed to scare you, no. It’s designed to share the importance of securing your future. Also taking care of yourself and your family. And to get you thinking about your worth.

People never think twice about health insurance for the body. But there are policies out there for just hands, legs or faces as well.
Disability insurance is A policy that will pay you a monthly benefit if you become disabled or not able to work due to injury , illness or accidents. It’s one of the only insurance that protects your income.  If you are out of work for any of these reasons this insurance will ensure that you get a check to take care of yourself. It usually cost 2% of your gross income. Premiums may cost you between $1 to $3   A day. This is a small price to pay to ensure that you get a check when you’re not able to work.

The first place to start the discussion of insurance is with your current insurer. If you want to go a step further, reach out to an independent broker to see what options they have. You may even have the option to create a unique policy.

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