How to Keep your Wig on Without Glue!!

How to Keep your Wig on Without Glue


Not knowing if a gust of wind, or wrong move, will lead to you losing your wig is stressful. Maybe you’re without glue, or want to secure your big without applying harmful chemicals to your face.

Here are a few tips and tricks to ensure a good fit for your wig, no glue required.

Proper Head Measurement

Ensure the proper fit of your wig by measuring your head at three different locations.

The first measurement to take to ensure a snug fit for your wig is the circumference of your head. To measure the circumference of your head, wrap the measuring tape from the center of your forehead around the back of your head to the front.

The second measurement to take to ensure a snug fit for your wig is from the front of the head to the nape of your neck. To take this measurement, place the measuring tape at the center of your forehead over the top of your head to the rear of your head where your hairline ends.

The last measurement is from ear to ear. Measure from ear to ear ensuring that the tape is on your hairline.

These three measurements ensure that the wig sits on your head properly.


The proper attachments further secure your wig.

When we say attachments, we mean combs and elastic bands added to the wig cap.

Combs, are just that, tiny combs attached to the wig cap. Depending on the hairstyle, your wig cap should contain five to eight combs. These combs are placed around the perimeter of your wig for secure attachment.

Elastic Bands

An elastic band is added security for your wig. It’s positioned at the nape of your neck, on the wig cap from ear to ear.


Hairstyling underneath your wig is another way to ensure a proper fit. If you have hair, either twist or braid the hair flat to your head underneath your wig. Twisted or cornrowed hair provides a grip for your wig.

If you’re without hair, secure your wig by placing the combs underneath the elastic band.

Hopefully, these tips were helpful for you, and provide ways for you to attach your wig without glue. Following some or all, of these steps, will help keep your wig in place and help you feel confident when wearing your wig out in public.

How to get your insurance to pay for your wig.

After much research, I found out that over 40% of insurance companies pay for a cranial prosthesis. Cranial prosthesis is another word for wig. For some people getting a wig is a medical necessity. If you fall into this category it’s important you get the insurance to pay for it in full or partially.

Please read below to see a list of how.
1. Diagnosis: A medical doctor will have to diagnose you with the medical condition that causes your hair loss.
2. Insurance Benefit: Just because it’s not listed on your policy doesn’t mean you’re not covered, you want to call them to see if you can get a pre-approval before you go purchase a wig. Please be aware of the terms used, a lot of insurance company will not approve the claim that has a wig on it because they view it as cosmetic. You want to use the medical terms like cranial prosthesis,  hair prosthesis, cranial hair prosthesis or extracranial prosthesis. Contact your medical insurance to ask them if they cover cranial prosthesis or medical necessary wigs and find out what the percentage they cover and what else you need to show them to get the process going. Find out your out of pocket limit deductible requirements E.T.C. before moving forward.
3. A written prescription from your doctor. After your diagnoses, your doctor can prescribe a cranial prosthesis or a necessary wig for you. A medical code along with the bill for your Wig can be submitted to the insurance company. Wig makers or companies can be reimbursed or insurance companies can be billed directly.
4. Who you buy your wig from is extremely important. You want to make sure that you are purchasing your wig from a company that has a Taxpayer Identification Number. You also want to make sure the company or person you’re getting it from is a reputable professional and reliable. The last thing you want to deal with is a company that will give you the runaround, please check out The Virgin Hair Fantasy.  We are experienced at taking care of clients with all types of hair concerns. We have been supplying great quality service and products as a company for over 10 years and we cannot wait to assist you. Please click on these links to check out our Instagram page and YouTube channel to see our work. You can also call our answering service at 7187555759.

Healthy Edges, Do’s and Don’ts…

Whether you have healthy edges or you are in the process of growing them back, here are some do’s and don’ts to healthy edges. 

DON’TS- Making matters worse. Edges are precious, and we must protect them at all costs! With that being said, wearing satin head wraps and sleeping on satin pillowcases are essential to protect your edges. Cotton head wraps and cotton pillowcases absorb all of the moisture from our hair, which leads to breakage. 

DO’S- Use scalp stimulating oils and treatments. Making sure your edges receive moisture is essential to preventing breakage. In cases where the edges are thinning, applying oil can aid in re-growing those areas. Our TVHF Argan Oil Serum is a fast-absorbing treatment that helps to stimulate the growth of edges while protecting them as well.

DON’TS- Please do not get damaging hairstyles. While braids and extensions are gorgeous, these hairstyles must be implemented with caution. Constant pulling and tugging of the edges can lead to breakage or permanent hair loss in severe cases. Be sure that your styles are gorgeous and protective. 

DO’S- Start scalp massages. Scalp massages are said to stimulate hair growth by increasing the blood flow and circulation to the scalp and follicles. This will bring more nutrients and oxygen to the area, promoting hair growth. Scalp massages can be done with or without oil. We prefer with oil.

DON’TS- Excessively using glues, adhesives or wig caps. It is important that we allow our scalp and edges to breathe. In between styles, give your edges a break. If you are trying to grow your edges, it may be best to stay clear of glues, adhesive and tight wig caps. Try glue-less wigs or clip-ins as an alternative. 

DO’S- Reduce manipulation when possible, especially if your edges are damaged. Leave them alone. Using a low manipulation routine means to reduce the amount of combing, brushing, touching or picking at the damaged area. The more you leave it alone, the more it will flourish.

The Virgin Hair Fantasy believes in beautiful, healthy edges. Use these tips to ensure that your edges grow and remain flawless. In severe cases, please consult with a physician. Allow us to be a part of your hair journey with our amazing haircare line for natural and relaxed hair. 

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 10 Tools You Should Not Be Without

The Virgin Hair Fantasy (TVHF) Peruca Collection is made with 100% virgin unprocessed hair designed to blend effortlessly with all hair textures. While our high-quality hair is versatile and durable, proper maintenance will guarantee it to be long-lasting. We’ve created a list of our top“10 Peruca Survival Tools” that you do not want to be without.

• Wig Cap: Whether you’re rocking braids or a sleek ponytail, a wig caps secures your hair under your Peruca creating a more comfortable fit. These typically come in black, brown and beige.

• Wire Tip Comb: Also referred to as the “metal tip comb”, this tool easily detangles, parts and sections hair, which is perfect for styling and coloring.

• Elastic Band/Wig Clips: To secure your Peruca in place, wigs clips or an elastic band are essential. Choose the method that works best for you.

• Needle & Thread: A needle and thread can be used to stitch up and adjust your wig at any given time, and attach your elastic band.

• Wig Makeup Kit: The days of using your concealer for your Perucas(wig) are over. The TVHF Wig Makeup Kit was created for everyone that wants a flawless scalp with their Peruca(wig).

• Wig Head/Wig Stand: Whether styling your Peruca or giving it a break after a fun weekend, a wig head and/or wig stand will become your best friend. Utilizing these two helps keep your style intact.

• Styling Tools: For continuous flawless looks, styling tools are a must-have. Some of the most common Peruca styling tools are: a hot comb for flattening roots, a flat iron for straightening and/or curling and a curling wand for bouncy waves.

• Heat Protectant Spray: Heat styling will bring flyaways out of the woodworks. To keep your Peruca neat and polished, utilize a heat protectant spray before styling.

• Styling Gel: What’s a slayed Peruca(wig) without baby hairs? Be sure to keep styling gel for beautifully carfted edges.

Maintenance Products: TVHF Perucas are effortless to maintain due to its medium to low luster. However, low maintenance is still maintenance. Be sure to add the THVF Conditioning Kit when purchasing your Peruca online at our shop.

TVHF is dedicated to providing our clients and friends with quality products and content. For more information about how to care for your Peruca, visit the TVHF FAQ page.

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5 Tips to Grown Your Natural Hair…

Although it’s 2018, the natural hair movement is still going strong! More women and men are embracing their natural curls and coils. While some natural hair journeys get off to an incredible start, other journeys face one tough obstacle: growth. Lack of growth among people with textured hair is a common complaint. Here are five tips to help you grow your natural hair.

  • TRIM. We know. We know. If you’re trying to grow your hair, why would you cut it? Well, frequent trims get rid of spilt ends that break your hair. Therefore, for maximum length retention, do the rest of your hair a favor, and get a trim as needed.
  • MOISTURIZE. The curly texture of natural hair often prevents the scalp’s natural oils from reaching the ends. Without proper moisture, the hair will break. On wash day, while your hair is damp, try our TVHF Leave-In Conditioner followed by TVHF Argan Oil Serum for a deep moisturizing treatment.
  • PROTECT. Over-manipulation of your hair can cause unnecessary stress and breakage. Wearing protective styles such a braids, a twisted bun, or long tresses will force you to keep your hands out of your hair. The less breakage, the more length.
  • REGIMEN. Develop a routine and stick to it. It is important to find a regimen that works for you, especially if your hair is growing. Now, as the seasons change, and your hair decides that it has a mind of its own, you may find yourself needing to alter your routine. However, make sure that you do not become a product junky in the process.
  • BE PATIENT. Because of genetics, everyone’s hair does not grow at the same rate. The natural hair journey is one of consistency and uniqueness. So, take the advice above, and wait for the magic to happen.

The Virgin Hair Fantasy believes in beautiful, healthy natural hair. Allow us to be a part of your natural hair journey with our amazing haircare line for natural hair.

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