1. Don’t wear it everyday

We don’t mean for you to not wear a wig everyday,
what we mean to say is, do not wear the same wig everyday.

If you wear a wig everyday, you should consider purchasing more than one and rotating them in usage.

Wearing a wig is like wearing your favorite jacket, if used often the color fades, the threads starts to break and the overall appearance just depreciates.

2. Wash your peruca(wig) every 7-14 days

Just like your hair, your wig also needs proper care and maintenance with proper cleansing.

Over washing does not help! care for your wig like how you would care for your natural hair.

Cleanse it thoroughly with a cleanser, condition it, rinse properly and leave no residue and carefully dry it with towel and leave it to fully air dry on a wig stand.

3. Avoid using heat when styling

Wig hair does not repair like natural hair, the more you use heat to style it the more permanent damage it will get.

It will lose it’s natural shine, it may get brittle and dry or it will shed off, if you are using a synthetic wig, using heat will melt it.

If you love curls or waves we suggest for you to use non heating curlers. To curl your hair use a heat protectant, a great heat protectant is The Moisturizing Oil by The Virgin Hair Fantasy that we recommend, you use that every time you curl you hair.

4 Do not D-I-Y

We know that doing-it-yourself can save you more money, but getting professional help in cutting and dyeing your wig will save you lots of trouble!

It is very important to have a stylist that understands how fragile wigs are, make sure you trust a stylist who has experience in taking care of wigs and that will help you to keep your wig longer.

5. Proper storage is a must!

Wig stands helps in storing your wig properly, it keeps the wig from tangling therefore getting a wig stand is a must!

When you are not using your wig, make sure it is well stored on a stand, away from heat, humidity and direct sunlight to avoid unexpected damage.

If you do not use your wig often, you may store it on a stand, in it’s original box away from humidity.

6. Remove it gently

Whether you are using glueless wigs or not, practice removing it gently. Take your time

Take more caution in removing glue downed wigs.

7. Combing

Just like our natural hair, combing is also necessary for wigs, detangling it every now and then will save you the trouble of re purchasing a new wig due to stubborn tangles that no conditioner can detangle.

Remember not to comb it when wet, it will shed!

Part of combing is making sure your hair is moisturized and it is properly detangled before you comb, the best way to detangle your hair before combing is to use a good detangler we recommend The Virgin Hair Fantasy Hair Softener from our Two Mango Sister Collection, that will make the hair nice and soft, so detangling becomes a breeze and after you detangle, you can comb thru effortlessly!

8. Do not sleep in it!Removing your wig before going to bed is a must!

The reason why removing you wig before you sleep is a must is because while you are sleeping there’s a lot of tension and because the wig has combs and the lace is fragile you can encounter a tear while you are sleeping or the combs can actually damage your natural hair due to friction, just make sure you are aware of that.

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