Life Changing Hair Styles

The truth is who doesn’t want to look younger?  The fact that a hairstyle can make you older or younger is amazing, we’re talking a 10 to 15 year difference.  I am here to share four Hairstyles that will not only make you look 5 to 10 years younger but will have people thinking you had work done. 

1. Bangs bangs bangs. A straight bang will takeoff 10 or more years off the face because a bang frames your face and gives a youthful vibe just make sure your bangs are not too thick, wispy bangs are flirty and youthful, thick bangs may age you depending on the shape of your face. The more round the face the more wispy the bangs need to be. 

2.  A funky pixie will change your life. A funky pixie says you are adventurous, your fun and at the same time very fashionable. It shows so much personality and it’s very youthful. 

3. Color Me cool. If you don’t want to change your hairstyle at all then change the color. This is a perfect time to explore and show your adventurous side. Adventure is very youthful  and that in itself will bring life into your hairstyle. 

If all these options sound crazy to you, you are not alone. Try a Peruca (wig) today! A Peruca(wig) is a no commitment option for you to explore have fun with.  


Published by The Virgin Hair Fantasy

I am a Wig Maker.

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