Before Making that BLACK FRIDAY, CYBER MONDAY wig purchase, here are things you should know

It’s the season to update your wig collection! With so many style options to choose from, it’s important to go into your wig purchase with knowledge. Not only do you want to make a good purchase, but you also want to purchase a wig that’s going to last. Here’s what you should know before forking over your coins. 

Return Policy

Making a wig purchase is an investment. When buying from a new company, look into the return/exchange policy. Is it all sales final, or is there some flexibility if you’re not happy with a purchase. The Virgin Hair Fantasy offers a hassle free exchange on unworn, unaltered merchandise. We do everything to ensure you’re making a purchase you love, but if not, we’re happy to exchange it for something you love more. 

Good Customer Service

Does the company you plan to purchase from offer good customer service? Again, you’re making a big investment or one that could last for a couple years. Are the representatives of the company available to answer any questions you have? 

Look elsewhere if your questions go unanswered. If a simple question is ignored, in some instances the major questions could be ignored or go unanswered also. Check to see if the customer service team is helpful. It’s an added step to ensure you’re making a purchase you can be happy with. 

Head Measurements

Have you measured your head to ensure the wig you’re buying is a good fit? Are there helpful videos and tutorials to help make the right purchase? Having a wig that fits the head properly is the difference between a wig you can wear, or one you’re stuck with. 

If a video is provided, follow it with accuracy. If in doubt, have a friend or family member double check the measurements to ensure a secure fit. 


Does the wig have some versatility to it. Sure, purchase a wig that’s stylish. But also look for one that provides versatility. Can it part on the side or the middle or is the part unchangeable? Can the wig take heat to change the look from straight to beach waves? How can you style it other than wearing it down? 

It’s a holiday purchase, yes. But it’s also a purchase that you want the most bang for your buck. Make the purchase last, and make it one to be happy about every time you look at it. 

Act Fast

When does the wig you want to purchase go on sale? The last thing anyone wants is to miss a sale! Especially on a wig that was going to up the style game. Watch the sellers page to listen out for hints of when and if there’s a sale happening. Set a reminder on your phone 10 minutes prior to the start of the sale to ensure you’re ready to go. Have your credit card handy, all the measurements taken and be ready to hit ‘Chekout’ when it’s time. 

Let’s get the best deal possible, and as informed as possible. A wig is a purchase that lasts. It’s also a purchase sure to elevate your style. Save money, look amazing. It’s a win for us.

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