5 Ways to Revamp your Wig

Switch up the look of your wig without buying a new one. With a few simple tweaks, you’ll have a fresh look that didn’t cost you hundreds, or thousands of dollars. Follow just a few of the tips to update your wig, or all if you like with supplies you may already have on hand. 

To get started, gather the following tools:

  • Hair cutting shears or scissors
  • Tweezers for plucking
  • Hair dye
  • Hair ties

Cut a Bang

An easy way to give your wig a new look is to add a bang. Bangs look great on nearly everyone, it’s just a matter of how much hair to have in your bang, and/or how long you want the bang. To get an idea of where to take your style, look for pictures of celebrities or hairstyles on people with similar face shape to yours. 

If your wig is styled going back or with a side part, you will need to first trim excess lace before cutting your bang. Now, you don’t have to get scissor happy with lace trimming, you only need to remove ½ inch or less of lace from the hairline. Using the hair cutting shears, simply trim a little bit of lace from the hairline. Less is always more, so start slow. Trim a little, comb the wig to the front and see if you need to trim a little more. Again, go slow.  Make sure your shears are sharp. I love the shears from thevirginhairfantasy.

Once you have the lace-trimmed, part the hair at the top of the head and comb the desired amount of bang hair forward. Use a hair tie to determine where you want the bang to land and trim a little longer than that, less is more, keep trimming a little until your desired look. Style your bang with a curling wand or flat iron and viola. 

Pluck the Hairline 

If your wig came ready to wear, and you didn’t have to do anything to it, you may need to look at a few YouTube videos on hairline plucking to start. This is another process that you want to take slowly to begin. Plucking too much hair will bald your hairline instead of giving it that natural hairline look. 

Simply pluck a few hairs from the hairline to give your wig a more natural look. Plucking in the middle or on the sides can allow for ease of parting. Plucking overall just makes the hairline of your wig look like it’s your own hairline. Plucking also helps the hair lay flatter. The flatter the hair, the more natural the hairline, the more natural the wig looks. Having the right tweezers makes a difference in this process I use The Virgin Hair Fantasy fairy tweezers to give me the perfect hairline.

Switch up the Part

If you’re accustomed to wearing your part on one side, switching up the part can give your wig a new look. It sounds daring but if you always wear a side part, try a middle part for a change. If you have no part at all, try parting on the side, making the part visible. 

Take the styling of the part a step further by trimming small layers into your wig to add more of a face framing effect. Add mouse to increase the staying power of your new style option. Wear your new look with confidence and without having to alter your wig too much. 

Use Color

Add a little color to your wig to switch things up. Adding color is easier to do with a human hair wig, by the way, synthetic hair won’t take hair dye. 

Keep the color choice simple, opting for a box dye that you don’t need bleach for. Again consult photos of celebrities or hairstyles that you have always wanted to try. Choose a color that will complement your skin tone. Starting small and choosing a color slightly darker or one shade lighter, is the safe route to take. 

Something else to consider is a temporary dye over permanent. With a temporary dye, you can wash it out over a period of time. That’s helpful if you’ve never colored your wig before and want to keep things easy. 

Consult with a Stylist

If all else fails, and you find yourself stuck, consult with your favorite hairstylist. A professional trained in the art of hairstyling may see new styling options that you may not. If you can’t get to the salon, try booking a Zoom call where you try on the wig and you both discuss new looks. If you have photos, bring them to the call.  

A stylist can walk you through changes that you can make during the call. Use this type of consultation to figure out how and where to cut the hair or what process to move through to color. Having a professional hold your hand during the process of adjusting your wig can lower anxiety. A stylist may offer options you haven’t considered as well.  

Follow all or a few of these options to update your wig at a fraction of the cost. You’re saving money, and updating your look. These are also great tips to bring out a wig that you haven’t worn in a while. Have fun and take your time, it’s fun to see what you come up with. 

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