Why you should try press on nails

Ever thought to try press on nails, but then imagined the nails of the 90’s with sticky tabs that don’t hold? There’s news! The new line of press on nails from The Virgin Hair Fantasy not only stay on for two weeks, but they’re also fashionable. 

Nails comes in a variety of shapes and lengths to satisfy the diva in all of us. There’s a range of beautiful designs that beautify your hands and up your nail style. In case you need a few more reasons to try press on nails from TVHF, keep reading. 

Save Money

An average set of stiletto nails with design can cost $90 and up at the nail salon. These sets from TVHF range in price from $39 to $65, but won’t break the bank compared to the designs, lengths, and shapes at a nail salon. 

For what you save, you can purchase two sets of nails. Two sets of nails means up to four weeks of beautifully manicured hands. No need to return to the salon weekly for costly repairs. You can simply pop on another nail if you experience any breakage. 

Keep it Clean

Minimize the risk of exposure to germs in the air of the salon, as well as germs on unclean implements. There’s no need to soak your hands or use anything other than glue when applying TVHF nails. 

These nails are brand new and clean out the box. You’re the only person that’s touched anything. So, no germs to worry about. No need to put yourself at risk during cold and flu season either. 

Save Time 

This is the biggest game changer for me. I used to spend hours at the nail salon getting my nails done. Time spent in the chair as well as commute time, can equal hours that you can’t get back. 

With TVHF press on nails, there’s no commute, or time spent at the nail salon. It takes a fraction of the time to apply the glue and nails for a nail salon style look. Get your time back to enjoy your family and your life. 

These are not the nails of the 90’s. These are beautiful, stylish, press on nails that last for two weeks. Save money, save time and stay stylish. 

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I am a Wig Maker.

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