The First Timer’s Guide

How to Buy a Wig Online: The First Timers Guide

You’ve worn wigs before. However, when you bought your new wig, you were able to touch it, handle it in the store and try it on. With an online purchase, you don’t have that option. Well, how do you decide which lace front wig to select? Are there measurements, what else do you need to know to make the right purchase for you?

Don’t fret. The Virgin Hair Fantasy is here to help. Here’s your guide to how to buy a wig online as a first timer. After reading this guide, you’ll know what questions to ask, how to select a style and get a stylish upgrade in no time!


Select a hairstyle similar to one of your favorite hairstyles from the past. This will take the guesswork out of selecting a style that looks good on you. It’s easier to get used to something that you have worn before. If you don’t have a hairstyle reference, look online at hairstyles on people with a similar face shape to yours. Decide if you want medium length, or long hair. Do you want highlights or a more natural color? Begin here in the wig selection process.

Wig Type

What type of lace front wig do you want? Are you comfortable applying glue to your hairline on a regular basis to keep the wig attached? If not, a glueless lace front option is the best fit for you. With glueless lace fronts, the wig fits perfectly to your head with combs and an elastic band.

Cap Size

Selecting the right cap size is the most important step, and ensures an accurate fit for your wig. There are videos online detailing how to determine the correct wig size. Measuring your head with a tape measure is the standard way to determine the correct cap size for you. The right cap size ensures your glueless lace front fits to perfection.

Customer Service

Make sure that the company you order your wig from has excellent customer service. If you have a question, are they quick to provide an answer? Find out the exchange and return policies. Perform a quick Google search to read customer reviews. Get the specifics on shipping times. You need to know how long the wait is for your new wig. A great team makes a huge difference in your wig buying experience. So select a company that is helpful from the start.

Buying a wig online for the first time can be a wonderful experience. After understanding the logistics, and armed with a little knowledge, you can make the wig purchase that is right for you. If all else fails and you find yourself in need of more help, call the team at The Virgin Hair Fantasy, and we will gladly help you make the best purchase for you.

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