The Best Short, Medium and Long Hairstyles for Women in 2020

It’s always a good time to elevate your look with a new hairstyle. Hair frames your face and serves as a glimpse into your style, along with a way to express yourself. The best style for you, is the one that makes you feel beautiful, sexy and confident. A new hairstyle has the ability to change your outlook when you look in the mirror. It’s always a good time to make a hairstyle switch. Here are the top looks for 2020 with a mix of sex appeal and style. If you’re looking for ease or drama, you’re sure to find something that suits you.
The Classic Short Bobimage.pngThe short bob is timeless. It’s a look that works for virtually everyone. Bobs look great with or without hats. They transition well for work or for a night on the town. Add a few waves to up the sexiness of the look or rock it straight and go dramatic with the makeup. 
Medium Wavy 
A medium cut with a few waves adds texture to an otherwise basic look. Whether going to the beach, or staying in the backyard, this style is effortless. If your hair is naturally wavy, all you need are a few layers and mousse to achieve great waves. Back comb the hair for a little extra volume. 
Long Textured Look image.png
This beautiful look works for day and night sex appeal. Sweep it to one side for added volume. If your hair isn’t naturally wavy, add waves with a curl wand and a touch of holding spray. If using a curl wand, this style is easy to pull off for a couple days without applying additional heat. Finger comb to take the volume up a notch.

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