The benefits of brushing your hair…

The benefits of brushing the hair is that, it helps stimulate the scalp to encourage the hair to grow. Brushing the scalp also removes shed hair that could otherwise lead to tangles.

Brushing the hair once a day is enough to benefit for growth and hair maintenance. Brushing more than once a day diminishes the usefulness.

The best way to brush the hair is from root to ends. Using moderate pressure place the brush on the scalp and gently glide the brush toward the ends of the hair. Apply a light oil or styling product to allow for ease of brushing. Brushing with product also allows for even distribution of the product to scalp and hair.

Brush wet hair with caution, hair is at its weakest when wet. The process of brushing wet hair is slightly different than brushing dry hair. Start at the ends and work the brush up toward the roots when the hair is wet. Working this way releases tangles and minimizes breakage.

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