Spring is here, and Jane, THE WIGMAKER is ready to offer tips to help you ladies serve looks. Spring is the best time to give new style ideas a test run. What better way than wearing a wig to try something new, daring and fresh. Here are the top spring styling tips to turn heads this spring in a wig.

Curls, Curls and More Curls

Refresh an old wig with curls. Add a new look to an older human hair wig by setting a curly look with rods. All you need is a little styling lotion and curl rods, ½ inch or smaller, depending on the desired look. Set curls under a hooded dryer or with a curling wand if you choose.

Separate the curls one by one to build volume. Go slow and stop once you achieve the desired look. The more you seperate the bigger the hair. Cut layers for added style and more volume and place a part on your favorite side for sex appeal.

The Classic Bob

The bob is timeless. The Chic Bang from the Virgin Hair Fantasy is the perfect length and offers a chic and natural look. Light layering on the ends and low density make this one of the most natural looking bob wigs on the market.

Most wigs reach beyond the shoulders. If styling your own, simply take a few inches off the ends to achieve a short bob style. Add a minor curve to the ends with a flat iron, and layer the ends to fluff the look a little. A bob just above the shoulders keeps you cool when the temperatures rise. There’s the option to be stylish but without an overwhelming amount of hair.

Get Colorful

The gray trend like the Silver Fox, from The Virgin Hair Fantasy, isn’t getting old any time soon. Keep the styling simple with a flat iron or big curls on a gray look.

If gray isn’t your thing, a more natural looking brown is an easy wig upgrade. Browns provide a “kissed by the sun” look to wigs, and even natural hair. If it’s time to step out with a completely new look, go for something bold like blue. Limiting the color to the ends, with dark roots, adds a touch of boldness without going overboard. Take the style quotient up a notch with voluminous curls.

If it’s a wig that’s been sitting around for a while, try a new style on your own. Consult your hair care professional to reduce costly mistakes when coloring and cutting wigs that are investment pieces. Whatever styling tips you choose, you’re sure to enter spring with style. If you’ve got a custom look in mind, The Virgin Hair Fantasy is ready any season to help you stay in style.

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I am a Wig Maker.

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