Wig Refresh

If you’re staying home to “flatten the curve,” thank you. This likely means you’re in the house, limiting contact with friends and family, finding creative ways to busy yourself. It also means you’ve skipped a hair appointment,  perhaps several.

If you’ve ever thought to revive an old wig(peruca), now is time for its debut. We’ve got a few tips for you.
1. Detangle your wig. Using a wide tooth comb, or detangling brush, remove any tangles. Work from the ends up in small sections.
2. Wash the hair. Once your wig is fully detangled, it’s time to wash the hair. Wet the wig m, and apply shampoo along the length of the hair. Work the shampoo through the hair by squeezing from root to ends. Massage the hair very lightly to distribute shampoo, careful not to tangle it. Rinse the shampoo out.
3. Deep condition. After the hair is clean, apply conditioner. The Virgin Hair Fantasy hair softener removes tangles making the hair manageable and easy to comb. Apply the conditioner the same way you did shampoo. Leave whatever conditioner you choose on the hair for at least 10 minutes. Rinse conditioner out and squeeze the hair dry with a towel
4. Dry. Allow the hair to air dry by placing it flat on a towel. Comb through the hair once more. Place any parts you desire, in the hair, or leave them out.
5. Style the hair. Once the hair is dry, style as desired. Add curls with a curling iron or wear hair in it’s natural state. Put the wig on while styling for best results.
6. You’re all set. You’ve revived your new wig! Wear it at your leisure. Store it on a mannequin head or the bedpost, or a bottle of shampoo to keep shape.
All tips listed work best for human hair. Follow the instructions on synthetic hair wigs for best results.
Revive your human hair wig with these simple steps. Repeat these steps after one to two weeks of wear or as needed. Buy yourself some time and make use of an investment.

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I am a Wig Maker.

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