Maintaining Moisture for Curly Hair

If you have curly hair, you already know the struggle to keep it healthy and full of moisture. The fact that the hair shaft is curly makes it challenging for products to penetrate. Applying products formulated for curly hair regularly like, 2 Mango Sisters, is only a small part of keeping your hair healthy and full of moisture. Here are a few other things to try to maintain a healthy curly mane.

Sleep on Satin

If you don’t own a satin bonnet already, run, don’t walk, to your nearest beauty supply to grab one. If you feel like you’re applying product day after day to still wake up to dry hair, it could be your pillow case. Standard pillow cases are usually cotton, which dries the hair out. Night after night of sleeping on cotton pillowcases result in product being sucked right out of your hair and into your pillowcase. The best way to combat that moisture loss is with satin while you sleep.

As mentioned, you can find a satin bonnet at your local beauty supply. The best options are ones that are tension free around the hairline. Avoid elastics or bands that sit on the hairline and have the potential to rub or cause friction and hair loss as you sleep. The satin pillowcase is the easiest option as there’s nothing to worry about keeping on your head through the night.

Oils to Seal

Once you’ve applied moisturizing product to the hair, you need to seal it in with an oil. The 2 Mango Sisters Set of hair softener and moisturizing oil are great options for maintaining all the post shampoo and conditioner moisture you need.

If you apply a conditioner that you rinse out, you’re going to need an oil to lock in whatever moisture remaining. A great oil penetrates the hair shaft to enhance moisture or seals in moisture that’s already there. If this is a new step for you, see if you notice the difference.

Ingredient LIst

Check the ingredient list of your favorite products. Contents like alcohol might be the reason your curls are starving. In addition to isopropyl alcohol, parabens, sulfates and mineral oils are damaging to the hair and your body. When reading labels for hair products, note products at the beginning of the list. These ingredients are most abundant in the product you’re using.

Opt for vegan hair products and things with natural and beneficial oils. Maracua, brazil nut, shea, and coconut oils are all great options for curls.

These are just a few tips for maintaining your curly tresses. There are other things you can do like getting regular trims and using less heat to improve the health of your hair. Keep in mind also that what you put into your body shows up in the appearance of your skin and hair. Eat fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of water and take the extra steps listed above for happy, healthy hair.

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