Top 5 reasons to buy a wig(peruca)

IMG_6058Wearing a wig offers so many benefits. Some that you might even overlook. Think beyond the synthetic wigs of old for a new, fresh style that offers you fun and versatility.

Of course, a quality wig is an investment, but one that will provide years of enjoyment. Along with convenience and benefits that other forms of hair styling can’t offer. 


Wigs are convenient. If you wake late one morning without time to style your hair, a wig gets you out the door in no time flat. Want to switch up the styling of your glueless human hair wig, drop it off at the salon while you run errands.

When you choose a glueless wig from The Virgin Hair Fantasy, you skip the need to apply glue or hairpins. Simply affix the wig to your head, and go. You can’t beat this type of convenience. 

Cost Effective 

If you’re accustomed to going to the salon weekly, wearing a wig can save you hundreds of dollars. 

Your average salon visit for a wash and press is $75. Add that up, over the course of three months with bi-weekly hair appointments, you’ve spent over $400! Our peruca bang bang bob is only $495 and requires zero of your precious time spent at the salon in a stylists chair. 


Our peruca is versatile. You can part our glueless wig on any side you like. Feeling like a left part one day? No problem. Middle part the next day? Great! It’s just as easy to style our wigs as you would your own hair.

If you’re tired of your style, change it up. Trim a bang with no problem. Want to try a new color? Our perucas are easily colored with assistance by a color professional. 

Protective Style

If you’re transitioning from a relaxer, or color, to a chemical freestyle, our glueless wig will help you tuck your hair away. Wear cornrow or twist styles under your wig with ease. 

Protective styles allow your hair time to rest from the stress of heat, color, or daily styling. Notice more growth and healthier hair after wearing a wig for a few months. 

Personal Expression/Creativity 

What better way to Express yourself than with your hair! Switch up your look with a few different wig options. Try a new hair color without the maintenance required when coloring your own hair. 

Take on a new persona or exude confidence like never before by wearing a peruca. Be you, be bold, feel free by simply wearing a wig. 

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