Whether you have healthy edges or you are in the process of growing them back, here are some do’s and don’ts to healthy edges. 

DON’TS- Making matters worse. Edges are precious, and we must protect them at all costs! With that being said, wearing satin head wraps and sleeping on satin pillowcases are essential to protect your edges. Cotton head wraps and cotton pillowcases absorb all of the moisture from our hair, which leads to breakage. 

DO’S- Use scalp stimulating oils and treatments. Making sure your edges receive moisture is essential to preventing breakage. In cases where the edges are thinning, applying oil can aid in re-growing those areas. Our TVHF Argan Oil Serum is a fast-absorbing treatment that helps to stimulate the growth of edges while protecting them as well.

DON’TS- Please do not get damaging hairstyles. While braids and extensions are gorgeous, these hairstyles must be implemented with caution. Constant pulling and tugging of the edges can lead to breakage or permanent hair loss in severe cases. Be sure that your styles are gorgeous and protective. 

DO’S- Start scalp massages. Scalp massages are said to stimulate hair growth by increasing the blood flow and circulation to the scalp and follicles. This will bring more nutrients and oxygen to the area, promoting hair growth. Scalp massages can be done with or without oil. We prefer with oil.

DON’TS- Excessively using glues, adhesives or wig caps. It is important that we allow our scalp and edges to breathe. In between styles, give your edges a break. If you are trying to grow your edges, it may be best to stay clear of glues, adhesive and tight wig caps. Try glue-less wigs or clip-ins as an alternative. 

DO’S- Reduce manipulation when possible, especially if your edges are damaged. Leave them alone. Using a low manipulation routine means to reduce the amount of combing, brushing, touching or picking at the damaged area. The more you leave it alone, the more it will flourish.

The Virgin Hair Fantasy believes in beautiful, healthy edges. Use these tips to ensure that your edges grow and remain flawless. In severe cases, please consult with a physician. Allow us to be a part of your hair journey with our amazing haircare line for natural and relaxed hair. 

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