10 Tools You Should Not Be Without

The Virgin Hair Fantasy (TVHF) Peruca Collection is made with 100% virgin unprocessed hair designed to blend effortlessly with all hair textures. While our high-quality hair is versatile and durable, proper maintenance will guarantee it to be long-lasting. We’ve created a list of our top“10 Peruca Survival Tools” that you do not want to be without.

• Wig Cap: Whether you’re rocking braids or a sleek ponytail, a wig caps secures your hair under your Peruca creating a more comfortable fit. These typically come in black, brown and beige.

• Wire Tip Comb: Also referred to as the “metal tip comb”, this tool easily detangles, parts and sections hair, which is perfect for styling and coloring.

• Elastic Band/Wig Clips: To secure your Peruca in place, wigs clips or an elastic band are essential. Choose the method that works best for you.

• Needle & Thread: A needle and thread can be used to stitch up and adjust your wig at any given time, and attach your elastic band.

• Wig Makeup Kit: The days of using your concealer for your Perucas(wig) are over. The TVHF Wig Makeup Kit was created for everyone that wants a flawless scalp with their Peruca(wig).

• Wig Head/Wig Stand: Whether styling your Peruca or giving it a break after a fun weekend, a wig head and/or wig stand will become your best friend. Utilizing these two helps keep your style intact.

• Styling Tools: For continuous flawless looks, styling tools are a must-have. Some of the most common Peruca styling tools are: a hot comb for flattening roots, a flat iron for straightening and/or curling and a curling wand for bouncy waves.

• Heat Protectant Spray: Heat styling will bring flyaways out of the woodworks. To keep your Peruca neat and polished, utilize a heat protectant spray before styling.

• Styling Gel: What’s a slayed Peruca(wig) without baby hairs? Be sure to keep styling gel for beautifully carfted edges.

Maintenance Products: TVHF Perucas are effortless to maintain due to its medium to low luster. However, low maintenance is still maintenance. Be sure to add the THVF Conditioning Kit when purchasing your Peruca online at our shop.

TVHF is dedicated to providing our clients and friends with quality products and content. For more information about how to care for your Peruca, visit the TVHF FAQ page.

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  1. Do you sell full lace wigs or wigs that can be glued all the way around? I’m bald and have been wearing full lace wigs with stretch in the middle ear tabs since 2009. Do you make this kind without coombs and elastic bands?


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