Foods that can keep your hair from growing.

My name is Jane, I am a Wig maker for The Virgin Hair Fantasy. I love Perucas (wigs) however I take pride in taking care of my natural hair. One of my goals this year is to grow my natural hair while wearing all of my Perucas. I was very shocked to find out during research that there are foods that can interfere with my hair growth. Please always do your own research, below is a list of what I found out while researching.

SALT-Very moderate intake because too much sodium in the body causes hair to shed.

SUGAR-Let go of the sweets. Sugar gets in the way of the body’s absorption of protein which is key for hair growth.

SODAS-Not only does this have processed sugar. It will dehydrate your hair till it is brittle. Brittle hair breaks off very easily.

ALCOHOL-Too much alcohol reduces vitamins, folic acids and other essentials that your hair needs to grow healthy and long.

WHITE FLOUR-White flour like all starchy foods breaks down into sugar which thins your hair out and prevents your body from absorbing vitamins that your hair needs.

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