Three Tips to Ensure Best Fit for your (Wig) Peruca

The fit of your peruca is essential to feeling confident and secure when you step out on the town. The last thing you want to worry about is if your wig is going to come off, or actually looks like a wig. 

Going glueless saves you time, and increases the longevity of your peruca. It does take a few tricks to get the best look possible though. Don’t worry, we’ve got a few tips to get you started. 

Measure your head

There are a few measurements necessary to ensure the proper fit of your peruca. A well-fitted peruca sits snugly on your head and enhances the natural appearance of our glueless line. 

We created videos highlighting the proper way to measure your head. Visit our YouTube channel, and Instagram page to see a tutorial of head measurements. Getting this one thing correct is the best thing you can do to ensure a secure fit. It’s the difference between your peruca sitting securely without shifting backwards during the day. Not cute 

Anchor Braids

The way you style your hair under your peruca gives it a flat, natural-looking appearance. Braiding the hair down properly keeps that infamous hump from happening. You know the hump that’s a tell-tale sign of wearing a wig. We don’t want that!

There’s a photo on Instagram of our recommended braid down. It’s quick and easy to do with minimal skill. You can do it yourself or work with your stylist. Even if you decide to try your own braid pattern, make sure the braids are flat and feel smooth when running your hand over them. Choose braids over twists, and of possible straighten the hair first. 

Secure straps

Your glueless peruca comes with straps at the nape. It’s easy to get so excited about wearing your new girl out, that you forget to secure them. But don’t. They help keep her tight to your head. 

Secure both sides, making sure they’re equidistant. They don’t have to be tight enough to cause a pucker, but they definitely need to be secure. It takes less than a minute to get them attached. 

Glueless keeps you from having to…glue, yes. But there are still a few steps to make sure you have the most natural look possible. Follow these simple steps to get your peruca on, and look fabulous. We can’t wait to see how great you look in your style of choice. Be sure to tag us, or send a review to our inbox. 

We appreciate you! 

Hair Loss Journey 

Just the other day, I posted about my experience with hair loss. It resonated with so many of you that I wanted to grow the conversation to let you know two things; you’re not alone, and you can overcome it. 

What many of you didn’t know, is that I started The Virgin Hair Fantasy because I couldn’t get my hair to grow. I tried everything I could think of to grow my hair, and nothing was working. It started to become a source of stress, depression and was causing me to lose confidence in myself. 

I decided that if hair was what I needed to feel better about myself, I would purchase hair. I purchased hair in varied lengths and colors for fun and creative expression. I would change my hair look weekly for a playful vibe and for fun. Playing with different hair looks gave me the confidence I needed in other areas of my life, at the time. 

I wanted to share that renewed confidence I gained with women, if not, just one woman. I wanted to share it, because I didn’t want anyone to feel the way I once did. As a result, The Virgin Hair Fantasy was launched. 

Countless women have reached out to tell me about the confidence they gained for wearing our perucas. I am grateful for all of their stories and happy that my journey helped other women. 

Even though I started purchasing hair and making wigs to build my confidence after losing hair, you don’t have to. If you follow me now, you see that I keep my hair in a big chop. I decided to do that because I wanted to be a source of inspiration for my daughters, to love and embrace their natural hair. 

Confidence comes from within. You can rock a short natural, or long flowing hair and still be your gorgeous, courageous and confident self. The long flowing hair is just an addition. If you’ve found yourself recently suffering from hair loss, don’t panic. There are a few things you can do. 

You can take inventory of recent changes in your life. Is there more stress? Have you started a new medication? Is it hereditary? Begin an investigative process to see if you can find the source of your hair loss. If you know the source, it can be easier to address. Once you know what’s causing the hair loss, you can take steps to stop it or minimize it to the best of your ability. 

Once you’ve done what you can on your end to stop the loss, you can make a decision. Whether that decision is to rock your hair the way it is, or to purchase a wig, do so with confidence. Allow it to be whatever it is, embrace it, and continue to be awesome. 

Treat Hair Loss

At The Virgin Hair Fantasy, we sell glueless wigs. We understand however, that wigs may not be for everyone and wanted to offer a few other ways of addressing hair loss. If that describes you, here are a few things you can do to get to the bottom of the loss and see if you can stop, or at least slow it down. 

Consult with a trichologist. Trichologist specialize in issues of the hair and scalp. They can recognize, identify and recommend natural treatments for conditions of the scalp. They are not physicians so, they cannot prescribe medications. However, they can help you identify issues and help you present findings to your primary care doctor, that can prescribe medications if necessary, or point you to another specialist, maybe dermatologist, that can help. 

Try hair, skin and nail supplements. The most popular of hair supplement is biotin. It’s been used by men and women alike to grow hair and slow hair loss. There are also proprietary blends of vitamins and minerals designed to grow the hair as well. A simple search for hair, skin and nail supplements will uncover countless brands designed to help grow hair. Please consult with your physician before taking any type of supplements. 

Eat a well balanced diet. Processed foods, drinks high in sugar and alcohol wreak havoc on the body. Aim to eat a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables daily to maintain proper health. Choose water instead of sodas and high sugar drinks to promote optimal internal health as well. Hair growth starts with a healthy body. Nourish it with the things it needs to grow at its best. 

Try scalp massage. Scalp massage work wonders to stimulate hair growth. Just a few minutes of massage at night can help stimulate hair follicles and foster new growth. It’s also relaxing to take a few moments out of your day for massage. 

Use natural oils and teas. Natural oils like, castor and sesame claim to stimulate hair growth and stop hair shed in some instances. Applying the oil at night, or with conditioner, and sitting under the hair dryer works for some women. Black and green tea, when used properly, have claims of stopping hair loss as well. Trial and error with natural treatments can help decide what works for you. 

Do a little research of your own to see what natural remedies are available. Being consistent with whatever treatments used can ensure success. 

The beautiful confident woman you are, goes far beyond your hair. Whether you buy hair, or shave it off, your beauty comes from within. However you decide to wear your hair, wear it with your head high knowing that you are beautiful and one of a kind. You are more than hair, my love. 


1. Don’t wear it everyday

We don’t mean for you to not wear a wig everyday,
what we mean to say is, do not wear the same wig everyday.

If you wear a wig everyday, you should consider purchasing more than one and rotating them in usage.

Wearing a wig is like wearing your favorite jacket, if used often the color fades, the threads starts to break and the overall appearance just depreciates.

2. Wash your peruca(wig) every 7-14 days

Just like your hair, your wig also needs proper care and maintenance with proper cleansing.

Over washing does not help! care for your wig like how you would care for your natural hair.

Cleanse it thoroughly with a cleanser, condition it, rinse properly and leave no residue and carefully dry it with towel and leave it to fully air dry on a wig stand.

3. Avoid using heat when styling

Wig hair does not repair like natural hair, the more you use heat to style it the more permanent damage it will get.

It will lose it’s natural shine, it may get brittle and dry or it will shed off, if you are using a synthetic wig, using heat will melt it.

If you love curls or waves we suggest for you to use non heating curlers. To curl your hair use a heat protectant, a great heat protectant is The Moisturizing Oil by The Virgin Hair Fantasy that we recommend, you use that every time you curl you hair.

4 Do not D-I-Y

We know that doing-it-yourself can save you more money, but getting professional help in cutting and dyeing your wig will save you lots of trouble!

It is very important to have a stylist that understands how fragile wigs are, make sure you trust a stylist who has experience in taking care of wigs and that will help you to keep your wig longer.

5. Proper storage is a must!

Wig stands helps in storing your wig properly, it keeps the wig from tangling therefore getting a wig stand is a must!

When you are not using your wig, make sure it is well stored on a stand, away from heat, humidity and direct sunlight to avoid unexpected damage.

If you do not use your wig often, you may store it on a stand, in it’s original box away from humidity.

6. Remove it gently

Whether you are using glueless wigs or not, practice removing it gently. Take your time

Take more caution in removing glue downed wigs.

7. Combing

Just like our natural hair, combing is also necessary for wigs, detangling it every now and then will save you the trouble of re purchasing a new wig due to stubborn tangles that no conditioner can detangle.

Remember not to comb it when wet, it will shed!

Part of combing is making sure your hair is moisturized and it is properly detangled before you comb, the best way to detangle your hair before combing is to use a good detangler we recommend The Virgin Hair Fantasy Hair Softener from our Two Mango Sister Collection, that will make the hair nice and soft, so detangling becomes a breeze and after you detangle, you can comb thru effortlessly!

8. Do not sleep in it!Removing your wig before going to bed is a must!

The reason why removing you wig before you sleep is a must is because while you are sleeping there’s a lot of tension and because the wig has combs and the lace is fragile you can encounter a tear while you are sleeping or the combs can actually damage your natural hair due to friction, just make sure you are aware of that.

Life Changing Hair Styles

The truth is who doesn’t want to look younger?  The fact that a hairstyle can make you older or younger is amazing, we’re talking a 10 to 15 year difference.  I am here to share four Hairstyles that will not only make you look 5 to 10 years younger but will have people thinking you had work done. 

1. Bangs bangs bangs. A straight bang will takeoff 10 or more years off the face because a bang frames your face and gives a youthful vibe just make sure your bangs are not too thick, wispy bangs are flirty and youthful, thick bangs may age you depending on the shape of your face. The more round the face the more wispy the bangs need to be. 

2.  A funky pixie will change your life. A funky pixie says you are adventurous, your fun and at the same time very fashionable. It shows so much personality and it’s very youthful. 

3. Color Me cool. If you don’t want to change your hairstyle at all then change the color. This is a perfect time to explore and show your adventurous side. Adventure is very youthful  and that in itself will bring life into your hairstyle. 

If all these options sound crazy to you, you are not alone. Try a Peruca (wig) today! A Peruca(wig) is a no commitment option for you to explore have fun with.  


Before Making that BLACK FRIDAY, CYBER MONDAY wig purchase, here are things you should know

It’s the season to update your wig collection! With so many style options to choose from, it’s important to go into your wig purchase with knowledge. Not only do you want to make a good purchase, but you also want to purchase a wig that’s going to last. Here’s what you should know before forking over your coins. 

Return Policy

Making a wig purchase is an investment. When buying from a new company, look into the return/exchange policy. Is it all sales final, or is there some flexibility if you’re not happy with a purchase. The Virgin Hair Fantasy offers a hassle free exchange on unworn, unaltered merchandise. We do everything to ensure you’re making a purchase you love, but if not, we’re happy to exchange it for something you love more. 

Good Customer Service

Does the company you plan to purchase from offer good customer service? Again, you’re making a big investment or one that could last for a couple years. Are the representatives of the company available to answer any questions you have? 

Look elsewhere if your questions go unanswered. If a simple question is ignored, in some instances the major questions could be ignored or go unanswered also. Check to see if the customer service team is helpful. It’s an added step to ensure you’re making a purchase you can be happy with. 

Head Measurements

Have you measured your head to ensure the wig you’re buying is a good fit? Are there helpful videos and tutorials to help make the right purchase? Having a wig that fits the head properly is the difference between a wig you can wear, or one you’re stuck with. 

If a video is provided, follow it with accuracy. If in doubt, have a friend or family member double check the measurements to ensure a secure fit. 


Does the wig have some versatility to it. Sure, purchase a wig that’s stylish. But also look for one that provides versatility. Can it part on the side or the middle or is the part unchangeable? Can the wig take heat to change the look from straight to beach waves? How can you style it other than wearing it down? 

It’s a holiday purchase, yes. But it’s also a purchase that you want the most bang for your buck. Make the purchase last, and make it one to be happy about every time you look at it. 

Act Fast

When does the wig you want to purchase go on sale? The last thing anyone wants is to miss a sale! Especially on a wig that was going to up the style game. Watch the sellers page to listen out for hints of when and if there’s a sale happening. Set a reminder on your phone 10 minutes prior to the start of the sale to ensure you’re ready to go. Have your credit card handy, all the measurements taken and be ready to hit ‘Chekout’ when it’s time. 

Let’s get the best deal possible, and as informed as possible. A wig is a purchase that lasts. It’s also a purchase sure to elevate your style. Save money, look amazing. It’s a win for us.